Content Security for Microsoft ISA Server

Content Security for Microsoft ISA Server 6.1

Protection from viruses, phishing attempts, malicious programs...

Protection from viruses, phishing attempts, malicious programs and other security threats using well known Norman Virus Control Scanner Engine (NSE) developed by Norman software company (http://www.

norman. com). NSE is capable of searching viruses in memory, streams, macros, files and boot sectors on any mountable disk device. NSE is fully reentrant giving excellent multi threaded scanning support and scalability.

Content scanning and analyzing of all web traffic passing throughMicrosoft ISA or Forefront TMG server according to enterprise suitable content policy.

Content filtering algorithms provide complex yet fast security scanning for real file types and file name extensions, transfer encodings,languages and MIME types of the requested web content.

Large collection of keywords grouped into keyword categories allows classifying and blocking access to inappropriate web content and sites. File type, MIME, language and encoding type databases as well as keyword database are extended by our content filtering experts on a regular basis to better suit organization needs.

HTTP pages, downloaded files, dynamic and embedded HTTP content are scanned recursively. Depending on the configured options, the application blocks access to and replaces insecure objects in all downloaded web content.

Regular updates of Norman scanning engine and virus definition files. Updates use incremental technology to keep the size of the downloaded files as small as possible enabling fast and stable update process and saving the network bandwidth.

Ability to exclude any domain, web site, URL, IP address, IP address range,subnet or client from the content security scanning. Ability to cache the 'infected'anti-malware scanning result to further reduce server load.

Maintaining easily configurable application logs, Performance Monitorapplication counters and mapping of most critical application eventsto Microsoft Windows event log system.

This allows easy troubleshooting experience and exact information whyand according to which security rule web content was blocked. Excellent performance and memory footprint; scanning is mostly done inmemory to reduce the high I/O disk usage and overall system performancedegradation.

Performance settings of the application may be customized for different types of hardware servers (amount of RAM, speed, number of processors, etc.

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Content Security for Microsoft ISA Server


Content Security for Microsoft ISA Server 6.1

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